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Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: The Sting

by Lydia

The-Blond-One and Ganondorf plotting away.

The Sting, like its friends Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Singin' in the Rain, and Boring, is an old American "classic." From my understanding, when I was watching, the plot was roughly as follows:

the Main character, named The-Blond-One, is a dashing fellow who does big scams to make money, and basically the plot is about him and his co-worker Ganondorf doing this big scam filled with twists that aren't twists because they were spoiled by Daddy.

Personally, this movie did not fit my high cinematographic tastes. It showed its age, this old, interminable, movie, with its Poker scene that dragged on throughout the Ages (wtf does anyone understand this card game? Where are the life points?) Truly, the highlight of the movie was when The-Blond-One transmuted himself a Pok├ęball from which a large Nidoking came to battle GoneAgain - the guy they were trying to scam. Nope, that was a dream I had when I fell asleep.

Despite my complaints with this movie, I would highly recommend it for any other person. Maybe I just don't understand why Ganondorf wasn't the bad guy and how Poker works. The-Blond-One does indeed pull some badass maneuvers that are definitely worth the wait, and the many twists are oh so twisty if not spoiled. But most importantly, I recommend this movie because Mom and Boggy voted for it.


  1. It is much more difficult to pull a long con, or 'sting' these days. People are too easily distracted and the con artists would likely have to scream, 'Pay attention! I'm trying to hoodwink here!" The movie precedes The-Blond-One becoming the film festival/catalog king of Sundance, and his partner launching his version of Italian salad dressing.

  2. No one likes Nidoking but Lydia.