For years, teen Boggy held the Netflix queue hostage, moving the rest of the family's selections around like chess pieces on a board, or deleting them as heartlessly as toppling pawns. Then he magnanimously created the Boggy Movie Tournament, and a meta game was born. The playing field is finally open. The competition is fierce. You'll never recommend another movie without asking yourself, "But, is it a winner?"

Tournament Rules

By Eric

Movie Nominations

Each of the six family members will anonymously print out his or her movie entry in the middle of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper in Times New Roman, 12-point font. If the movie is available as "Watch Instantly," the contestant will indicate whether he wants it to be viewed from a physical DVD or streamed on Netflix. If no notation is made, the default will be "Watch Instantly" if available. Each contestant will fold his entry three times (horizontally, vertically, and horizontally again) and put it in The Ziploc Bag.


The movies will be seen in the order in which they are drawn by Boggy from The Ziploc Bag. In order to have a full vote, you must watch at least 30 minutes of each movie (although a good sport would sit through the whole thing). Note, however, that if you miss a movie and it does not win 2nd place, your vote still counts.


Everyone writes down his favorite of the six nominated movies on a scrap of paper and reveals it along with the title of the movie he nominated. No one can vote for his own movie. No changing your vote after you sense the tenor of the room. You may abstain from voting. In case of ties or double nominations, the tournament is repeated between the two runners-up. There can be only one.


The winner curates his idealized week of movies. This means 7 movies, regardless of how long it takes to watch them. Judicious use of "Watch Instantly" movies should make 7 movies in 7 days possible if the family is especially organized and watches one movie a night (highly unlikely given homework). It is the responsibility of the victor to queue his movies, mobilize people for movie watching, and return movies as they're finished.

Additional Rules

1. Boggy gets the blue blanket.
2. Movies over 2 hrs 10 min count as two movies during the victor's week. The film's duration is determined by the moment the curator stops the movie (thus, a terrible 3-hour movie could be truncated to under 2:10).
3. Movie votes must be written out, not drawn as a Pictionary illustration (you know who you are).